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Sunday, July 21, 2024

How to Complete the Proud Peacock Challenge in BitLife – GameSkinny

You start as a janitor and make your way to being a star through the tasks of this week’s challenge. It’s time to focus on Looks and persistence to reach your goals of being a top content creator. Here’s how to complete the Proud Peacock Challenge in BitLife. BitLife: How to Complete All Proud Peacock Challenge Tasks This week’s tasks are:  Be born a male in New York  Become a janitor at an adult film company Work your way up to becoming an adult film star Hook up with 5+ male coworkers  Become a Top .01% content creator on Only fans Be Born a Male in New York  To begin, create a custom life. Choose male as your gender, then pick The United States as your country. For place, select New York to be born in New York and check off your first task. While Aging Up, focus on your Looks by doing activities like taking walks and going to the salon and spa.
Become a Janitor at an Adult Film Company Screenshot by GameSkinny Screenshot by GameSkinny Screenshot by GameSkinny Once you graduate high school, don’t apply to university. Instead, go to Job > Job Listings and look for Porn Set Janitor. If it isn’t listed, take any job for income and check back every time you Age Up until you get the job.
Work Your Way Up to Becoming an Adult Film Star After you get the janitor job, go into your job menu every year and choose to work harder. This increases your performance, and having a high performance is how you get promotions. While working on this task, make an OnlyFans and post regularly to help with the final task later.  Hook Up with 5+ Male Coworkers  This one can be dangerous, so I suggest waiting until you become a film star to try it so that it doesn’t hurt too much if you get fired. To start, go into your job menu and then the list of your coworkers. Choose a male coworker you have a decent relationship with and hit the hook up option. Repeat this until you hook up with at least 5 male coworkers and check off the task. If the coworker rejects you, there’s a chance he’ll report you to HR, which can get you fired.
Become a Top.01% Content Creator on OnlyFans  Becoming a film star helps a lot with this task, as fame gets you more subscribers. You also need to post content consistently. As such, you want to make an account right at Age 18 and start building subscribers. This is RNG heavy, so keep posting, accept collaboration requests, and keep working as a pornstar. Combined, this should be enough to make you a top creator over time.  That’s how to complete the Proud Peacock Challenge in BitLife. If you’re lucky, it’s a quick challenge. If not, it could take a bit to complete all the tasks. From here, check out our BitLife guide hub for more content!

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