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How to Get The Rotten Breath Incantation

There are a wide variety of incantations in the Lands Between, and here we will tell you how to get the Rotten Breath incantation in Elden Ring. Scarlet Rot is one of the deadly poisons in Elden Ring that can be found in various regions of the game, especially in Caelid, a realm covered in rot.

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While touching this poison is pretty dangerous for you as Tarnished, you can use it as a weapon against your enemies. Scarlet Rot can be used in various forms, but the Rotten Breath incantation is probably one of the best ways to use it!

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Elden Ring Released February 25, 2022

How To Get And Use Rotten Breath

Rotten Breath Incantation is a purchasable item, but you cannot buy it with Runes. You need to pay Dragon Heart to get this incantation, and Dragon Heart can only be obtained by killing dragons, but don’t worry at all.

Hopefully, there is a giant, lazy dragon in Caelid that is too lame to attack even if you beat it to death. Killing this dragon not only gives you Dragon Heart but also rewards you with 80,000 Runes.

Now, head to the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace, and then follow the path to the south, as shown in the video above, until you reach a ruined cathedral with a dead dragon inside. Look for an altar of red flame inside the cathedral and interact with it. This will open up a list of purchasable items, including the Rotten Breath incantation. It costs 1 Dragon Heart.

In order to use this incantation, you will need to have 15 Faith and 12 Arcane. Performing Rotten Breath on opponents is pretty easy as it has a large range. Just stand in front of the enemy and cast the incantation. The Rotten Breath incantation will cause immediate Scarlet Rot affection to enemies, even the hardest bosses, depleting their health gradually over time.

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